The History of the Daleks

History of the Daleks

Daleks…! Wherever I have traveled in time and space I have met no deadlier
adversary. Their single-minded destructive instinct has terrorized more peoples on  more planets than I have time to mention. They are my greatest enemy!

– The Doctor

  • Introduction: Another Version of Dalek History
  • Chapter One: The Dal/Thal War
  • Chapter Two: The Dead Planet – The Dalek/Thal War
  • Chapter Three: The Dalek Invasion of Earth – Tomb of the Daleks
  • Chapter Four: The Chase – The Dalek Master Plan
  • Chapter Five: The Dalek/Mechanoid War – Evil of the Daleks
  • Chapter Six: Civil War & Rebirth – Day of The Daleks
  • Chapter Seven: Frontier in Space – Planet of the Daleks
  • Chapter Eight: Death to the Daleks – Seven Keys to Doomsday
  • Chapter Nine: Genesis of the Daleks – The Vortex Crystal
  • Chapter Ten: The Movellan/Dalek War – Destiny of The Daleks
  • Chapter Eleven: The Mutant Phase – Resurrection of the Daleks
  • Chapter Twelve: Davros – Revelation of the Daleks

Chapter Thirteen: The Apocalypse Element – Jubilee
Chapter Fourteen: The Juggernauts – Remembrance of The Daleks
Chapter Fifteen: The Genocide Machine – Death and the Daleks
Chapter Sixteen: Dalek Empire /Dalek War
Chapter Seventeen: Time of the Daleks – Terror Firma
Chapter Eighteen: The Time War
Chapter Nineteen: Dalek – BadWolf/Parting of the Ways