When the Daleks Came – Introduction

When the aleks ame
Drew Payne


“Ladies and gentlemen, now that we’ve left hyperspace, were coming up upon Karbala Major.  If you look out of the port side windows on the observation deck you’ll see Karbala Major.  It is the large blue, yellow and red gas-giant we’re passing. Karbala Major has 14 moons, all of which have habitation colonies.  About half of these are mining colonies, the rest are all involved in gas harvesting from Karbala Major.  Gas harvesting is the major industry of this solar system.  We can’t see them, from this far away, but large orbiting stations, in high atmospheric orbit, have collecting nets miles wide, do the gas harvesting.  Those of you who are takingThe Provest Gas Mining Company Tourwill actually get to see one of the gases harvesters at first hand.
“The moon we are passing close to is Julia, one of the largest moons of Karbala Major.  The city you can see, under those four large domes and the surrounding smaller domes, is Randall Vale City. It is the largest city of all Karbala Major’s moons and houses the headquarters of The Provest Gas Mining Company, one of the biggest gas mining companies in this sector.
“We will be arriving at Karbala Minor in approximately two Earth hours, where shuttle crafts will take you down to Millennium City – the capital city of Karbala Minor.
“Karbala Minor is a blue-green earth-type planet.  Two-thirds of the planet is covered in oceans and the atmosphere is rich in moisture – just like our own historical home planet Earth.  Karbala Minor has three major industries, servicing the gas mining on Karbala Major, farming and tourism.  You’ll find that Karbala Minor has everything from the cosmopolitan life of its several large cities, the relaxing kilometre upon kilometre of clean sand seaside resorts, or millions of unspoiled square kilometres of green countryside.  My favourite place to visit is the ancient, unspoiled and huge forest of the Mackenzie Hills, and Karbala Minor’s second continent.
“As I said, in two Earth Hours we will be taking up a geostationary orbit, above Millennium City.  We request that you be ready to disembark then, because we have a short turnaround time.
“I have been your chief steward, Kelly–Ann Mears, and on behalf of our Captain Finneran and all her crew, may I thank you for choosing The Star Princess for your journey.

Chapter One – Arrival

Chapter Two – High Orbit

Chapter Three – Along Came the Spiders

Chapter Four – Passing By

Chapter Five – Runaway Home

Chapter Six – Falling

Chapter Seven – The Watcher

Chapter Eight – Slave Nation

Chapter Nine – Cats and Mouse

Story Editor – Andrew Panero.
Story © 2004/2005 Drew Payne.
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