The Revenge of Davros

The evenge of avros
by John Fox

The T.A.R.D.I.S. had just landed. “Doctor, where are we,” asked Ace.
“According to my maps, we are on Skaro. Although something is just not right. This place seems much more barren than I remember, much less life.”
“Skaro, who would call their home Skaro?” remarked Ace.
“Ace we must stop this silly human talk, besides I doubt there is anyone to call this home do you.”
“Hey Doctor, look over there at that hill. There`s a city or what looks like it, maybe we can get a drink there, or some food.”
The Doctor and Ace walked on closer to the city when, “Hey you, stop right there,” ordered a tall thin man.
“Why, who are you to order me to stop?”
“I am a peaceful man, I shall not harm you. What is your name?”
“My name is Doctor, to you anyway. Who and what are you, my dear friend?”
“My name is Alydone, I am a Thal.  I take it your not from here, or you wouldn`t be so near the city, so close to the Emperor.”
“The Emperor, is he your leader?” asked Ace.
“Leader, more like dictator. He came here, chose to be king, burnt everything and took slaves to help with the building of his city.”
“So he burnt everything, that explains this place being so crisp and sandy,” remarked Ace.  “Look Doctor I hope your not planning to get in there. You`ll die you know, the army will get you.”
“I will have to risk it.  Come now Ace, let`s go.” The Doctor and Ace walked on for another five minutes….
“Look Doctor, the gates of the city are opening,” said Ace.  Suddenly, about ten Daleks came from behind the gates shouting, “Exterminate them, they are not to get inside.”
“Ace, hide. We have trouble, Daleks.”
Lazors flew past the Doctor every second. Then, suddenly about four Thals came from within the forest and attacked the Daleks. All the Daleks were shouting, “Help, emergency, help.”
“Alydone, thank you so much,” said the Doctor.
“You were very lucky,” remarked a passing Thal.
“Hey Doctor, you`ve got to say, that was mind bobbling. Those Daleks a wimps,” remarked Ace.
“Wimps!” said Alydone.
“Human talk,” replied the Doctor.
“Oh Doctor, your from Earth. We call it the planet of plenty.”
“Come on, Ace. We must confront this Emperor, to repay the Thals.”
“Doctor, I am not coming. I`m having nothing more to do with this, it`s too risky.”
“Thank you for your help Alydone. Good-bye.” The Doctor and Ace got inside the city, after dodging a few Daleks on guard.
“Doctor look at that door,” Ace said, pointing to a huge metal door down the corridor the were standing in.  “The sign reads, Emperors chamber. Do you want to check it out?”
“Yes. We shall storm in and destroy the Emperor.”
“What are the Daleks doing here?”
“Well Ace this is their home planet.”  Then two Daleks came out of a room nearby. “Ace come, we must hide over at those controls.” Ace and the Doctor finally entered the chamber. “I half expected this,” said the Doctor as he had just noticed Davros beside the Supreme Control Dalek. “What are you doing here. I thought I got rid of you on planet Earth?”
“Kill him,” ordered Davros.
“Ace do you have any nitro nine on you, this could be messy.”
“Yes Doctor. Here,” Ace said and she handed a tin of nitro nine.
“Exterminate. Exterminate,” shouted all the Daleks. Then the Doctor threw the nitro nine and blew some of them up.
“Doctor, look out,” said a voice from behind.
“Stop them,” cried a Dalek.
“Doctor you have confounded me for the last time.”
“Oh Davros you say that every time we meet,” said the Doctor with a cheeky grin.
“Set the bomb,” ordered Davros.
“Ace I have a plan.  Call all the Daleks towards you and duck when they shoot. They will then hit the bomb which is behind you.”
“Good idea Doctor.” Ace ran in front of the bomb and screamed, “Hey Daleks.” All the Daleks spun around and shot the bomb. There was a huge explosion which killed all the Daleks, but Davros survived and had activated his escape ship.
“Good-bye Doctor. We will meet again….soon.” Davros left and Ace and the Doctor walked to the T.A.R.D.I.S.
“Doctor, will the Daleks return?”
“I don`t know Ace. Time will tell, it always does.”

The End

Story © 2004 John Fox/Visagraph Films International.