Doctor Who: The Program Guide

Doctor Who: The Program Guide

        When Doctor Who first aired on November 23rd, 1963, no one could have imagined that 40 years later the universe’s most famous Time Lord would continue to entertain millions of fans world wide.  Below is the complete list of The Doctor’s adventures to date .  Included in these listings are the various audio adventures which have been produced by the BBC as well as the current adventures being produced by Big Finish Productions.  A quick note about the dates.  We have provided the years that each actor portrayed The Doctor on the small screen.  Therefore William Hartnell, who played the First Doctor, is listed from 1963 – 1966, and Patrick Troughton, who took over the roll as the Second Doctor, is listed from 1966 – 1969.  The same goes for Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison and Colin Baker.  When we come to Sylvster McCoy, who played the Seventh Doctor, we have made one change.  Although the program stopped broadcasting in 1989, Sylvster was still considered “The Doctor” until the part was taken by Paul McGann as the Eight Doctor in the 1996 FOX television movie (unofficially titled here as “The Enemy Within”).  Therefore we have listed McCoy’s tenure as running from 1987 – 1996.
Now a quick word about program order.  We have listed each episode in their broadcast order as indicated in Jean-Marc Lofficier’s “Doctor Who: The Programme Guide,” despite certain seasons being broadcast out of production order (as indicated by the production codes in the book).  This creates a slight problem, however in regards to Sylvster McCoy’s last season.  Although “Survival” was the last program broadcast, it foreshadowed events from Ace’s past which are finally explained in “Ghost Light,” which was produced after “Survival,” but shown before.  We have therefore listed the final broadcast season of the original Doctor Who series in production order, and suggest those watching this season try viewing them in our order and see if things do not make more sense.
As for the placement of the BBC Radio Collection and Big Finish Production audio episodes, we have squeezed them in between the various televised episodes as indicated by both the liner notes printed within the CDs, web site information and the current traveling companions at the time.  We have also assumed that the audio stories follow each other within the specific Doctor’s time frame (ex. The Marian Conspiracy, The Spectre of Lanyon Moor, The Apocalypse Element, etc.), and have therefore listed them as such.
Now a quick word about canon.  Webster’s New World Dictionary list the meaning of the word as “Church law; official list; accepted rule.”  It is a term used by both producers and fans alike to describe what exactly is, and is not, considered “official” when it comes to a program’s history.  For example, in the Star Trek Universe, only the episodes from the five television series and the plots from the 10 films are considered canon.  The animated series, as well as all the published novels, are not.  The BBC does has not taken an official position as to what within the Doctor Who Universe is and is not canon.  Many fans however, feel that any story, whether from the television series, an audio adventure or the novels, counts as canon, therefore making it part of the “official” Doctor Who Universe.  We however, do not share these views, especially when it comes to the various adventures presented in print (whether it be a New Adventure, Missing Adventure or BBC Novel).  While we ourselves find several of these stories of high merit, the reason for our decision is two fold.  First, Doctor Who has a well established history as presented in the television series.  Several of the authors of Doctor Who fiction have taken liberties with this history, presenting stories which were apocryphal.  Second, while it is still possible to track down several of the original novels printed after the series went off air, most of the “New Adventures,” as well as the “Missing Adventures,” are out of print, making it impossible for the average fan to have knowledge of these stories.  In addition, as a program created for the televised format, the audio adventures fall nicely within that realm, and easily compliment the video releases (which unlike most of the books, are still currently available).  Therefore for the purposes of this Program Guide (and a large part of the website itself), we will consider canon only those Doctor Who stories that were presented on television as well as the various “episodes” presented in the Big Finish/BBC Radio productions.  While this may make some fans feel that we are leaving out an entire part of the Doctor Who Universe, it is important to remember that to purists, only the episodes from the television series count!
Finally there have been over one hundred Doctor Who stories, or related stories involving either companions or aliens from the program, produced in book, audio, and video form.  There have been a number of Doctor Who stage plays as well as the two feature motion pictures.  While all of these adventures are of merit, we do not consider them “canon,” either, and they, with the exception of the Dalek Empire audios (hey, this is a Dalek web site), are not included in this guide.  For a complete listing of “all” the Doctor’s adventures, we leave that to better heads than ours.

John Rocco Roberto
New York City
April 10th, 2003
First Doctor (1963 – 1966)

An Unearthly Child (4 episodes)

The Daleks (7 episodes)

The Edge of Destruction (2 episodes)

Marco Polo (7 episodes)

The Keys of Marinus (6 episodes)

The Aztecs (4 episodes)

The Sensorites (6 episodes)

The Reign of Terror (6 episodes)

Planet of Giants (3 episodes)

The Dalek Invasion of Earth (6 episodes)

The Rescue (2 episodes)

The Romans (4 episodes)

The Web Planet (6 episodes)

The Crusade (4 episodes)

The Space Museum (4 episodes)

The Chase (6 episodes)

The Time Meddler (4 episodes)

Galaxy Four (4 episodes)

Mission To The Unknown (1 episode)

The Myth Makers (4 episodes)

The Daleks’ Master Plan (12 episodes)

The Massacre (4 episodes)

The Ark (4 episodes)

The Celestial Toymaker (4 episodes)

The Gunfighters (4 episodes)

The Savages (4 episodes)

The War Machines (4 episodes)

The Smugglers (4 episodes)

The Tenth Planet (4 episodes)

Second Doctor (1966 – 1969)

The Power of the Daleks (6 episodes)

The Highlanders (4 episodes)

The Underwater Menace (4 episodes)

The Moonbase (4 episodes)

The Macra Terror (4 episodes)

The Faceless Ones (6 episodes)

The Evil of the Daleks (7 episodes)

The Tomb of the Cybermen (4 episodes)

The Abominable Snowmen (6 episodes)

The Ice Warriors (6 episodes)

The Enemy of the World (6 episodes)

The Web of Fear (6 episodes)

Fury From the Deep (6 episodes)

The Wheel in Space (6 episodes)

The Dominators (5 episodes)

The Mind Robber (5 episodes)

The Invasion (8 episodes)

The Krotons (4 episodes)

The Seeds of Death (6 episodes)

The Space Pirates (6 episodes)

The War Games (10 episodes)

Third Doctor (1970 – 1974)

Spearhead from Space (4 episodes)

The Silurians (7 episodes)

The Ambassadors of Death (7 episodes)

Inferno (7 episodes)

Terror of the Autons (4 episodes)

The Mind of Evil (6 episodes)

The Claws of Axos (4 episodes)

Colony in Space (6 episodes)

The Daemons (5 episodes)

Day of the Daleks (4 episodes)

The Curse of Peladon (4 episodes)

The Sea Devils (6 episodes)

The Mutants (6 episodes)

The Time Monster (6 episodes)

The Three Doctors (4 episodes)

Carnival of Monsters (4 episodes)

Frontier in Space (6 episodes)

Planet of the Daleks (6 episodes)

The Green Death (6 episodes)

The Time Warrior (4 episodes)

The Paradise of Death (5 radio episodes)

Invasion of the Dinosaurs (6 episodes)

Death to the Daleks (4 episodes)

The Ghosts of N-Space (6 radio episodes)

The Monster of Peladon (6 episodes)

Planet of the Spiders (6 episodes)

Fourth Doctor (1974 – 1981)

Robot (4 episodes)

The Ark in Space (4 episodes)

The Sontaran Experiment (2 episodes)

Genesis of the Daleks (6 episodes)

Revenge of the Cybermen (4 episodes)

Terror of the Zygons (4 episodes)

Planet of Evil (4 episodes)

Pyramids of Mars (4 episodes)

The Android Invasion (4 episodes)

The Brain of Morbius (4 episodes)

The Seeds of Doom (6 episodes)

The Pescatons  (2 audio episodes)

The Masque of Mandragora (4 episodes)

The Hand of Fear (4 episodes)

The Deadly Assassin (4 episodes)

The Face of Evil (4 episodes)

The Robots of Death (4 episodes)

The Talons of Weng-Chiang (6 episodes)

Horror of Fang Rock (4 episodes)

The Invisible Enemy (4 episodes)

Image of the Fendahl (4 episodes)

The Sunmakers (4 episodes)

Underworld (4 episodes)

The Invasion of Time (6 episodes)

The Ribos Operation (4 episodes)

The Pirate Planet (4 episodes)

The Stones of Blood (4 episodes)

The Androids of Tara (4 episodes)

The Power of Kroll (4 episodes)

The Armageddon Factor (6 episodes)

Destiny of the Daleks (4 episodes)

City of Death (4 episodes)

The Creature from the Pit (4 episodes)

Nightmare of Eden (4 episodes)

The Horns of Nimon (4 episodes)

Shada (6 episodes)

The Leisure Hive (4 episodes)

Meglos (4 episodes)

Full Circle (4 episodes)

State of Decay (4 episodes)

Warriors’ Gate (4 episodes)

The Keeper of Traken (4 episodes)

Logopolis (4 episodes)

K-9 & Company (One 50-minute episode)

Fifth Doctor (1982 – 1984)

Castrovalva (4 episodes)

Four to Doomsday (4 episodes)

Kinda (4 episodes)

The Visitation (4 episodes)

Black Orchid (2 episodes)

Earthshock (4 episodes)

Time-Flight (4 episodes)

Land of the Dead (4 audio episodes)

Winter for the Adept (4 audio episodes)

The Mutant Phase (4 audio episodes)

Primeval (4 audio episodes)

Spare Parts  (4 audio episodes)

Creatures of Beauty (4 audio episodes)

The Game (4 audio episodes)

Arc of Infinity (4 episodes)

Omega (2 audio episodes)

Snakedance (4 episodes)

Mawdryn Undead (4 episodes)

Terminus (4 episodes)

Enlightenment (4 episodes)

The King’s Demons (2 episodes)

The Five Doctors (Special 90-minute episode)

Warriors of the Deep (4 episodes)

The Awakening (2 episodes)

Frontios (4 episodes)

Excelis Dawns (1 audio episode)

Resurrection of the Daleks (Two 45-minute episodes)

Phantasmagoria (4 audio episodes)

Loups-Garoux (4 audio episodes)

Planet of Fire (4 episodes)

Red Dawn (4 audio episodes)

The Eye of the Scorpion (4 audio adventures)

The Church and the Crown (4 audio episodes)

No Place Like Home (1 audio episode)

Nekromanteia (4 audio episodes)

The Axis of Insanity (4 audio episodes)

The Roof of the World (4 audio episodes)

Three’s A Crowd (4 audio episodes)

The Council of Nicaea (4 audio episodes)

The Caves of Androzani (4 episodes)

Sixth Doctor (1984 – 1986)

The Twin Dilemma (4 episodes)

Attack of the Cybermen (Two 45-minute episodes)

Vengeance on Varos (Two 45-minute episodes)

The Mark of the Rani (Two 45-minute episodes)

The Two Doctors (Three 45-minute episodes)

Davros (2 audio episodes)

Timelash (Two 45-minute episodes)

Revelation of the Daleks (Two 45-minute episodes)

Slipback (Six 10-minute radio episodes)

Whispers of Terror (4 audio episodes)

… ish (4 audio episodes)

The Trial of the Time Lord: The Mysterious Planet (4 episodes)

The Trial of the Time Lord: Mindwarp (4 episodes)

The Trial of the Time Lord: Terror of the Vervoids (4 episodes)

The Trial of the Time Lord: The Ultimate Foe (2 episodes)

The Wormery (4 audio episodes)

Excelis Rising (1 audio episode)

The Ratings War (1 audio episode)

The Maltase Penguin (1 audio episode)

The Holy Terror (4 audio episodes)

The Marian Conspiracy (4 audio episodes)

The Spectre of Lanyon Moor (4 audio episodes)

The Apocalypse Element (4 audio episodes)

Bloodtide (4 audio episode)

Project: Twilight (4 audio episode)

The Sandman (4 audio episodes)

Jubilee (4 audio episodes)

Doctor Who and The  Pirates (4 audio episodes)

Project Lazarus – Part One  (2 audio episodes)

Arrangements for War (4 audio episodes)

Medicinal Purposes (4 audio episodes)

Real Time (4 audio episodes)

The One Doctor (4 audio episodes)

The Juggernauts (4 audio episodes)

Catch 1782 (4 audio episodes)

Seventh Doctor (1987 – 1996)

Time and the Rani (4 episodes)

Paradise Towers (4 episodes)

Bang-Bang-a-Boom! (4 audio episodes)

Flip-Flop (4 audio episodes)

Unregenerate! (4 audio episodes)

Delta and the Bannermen (3 episodes)

The Fires of Vulcan (4 audio episodes)

Dragonfire (3 episodes)

Remembrance of the Daleks (4 episodes)

The Happiness Patrol (3 episodes)

Silver Nemesis (3 episodes)

The Greatest Show in the Galaxy (4 episodes)

The Curse of Fenric (4 episodes)

Battlefield (4 episodes)

Survival (3 episodes)

Ghost Light (3 episodes)

Dimensions In Time (Two 10-minute 30th anniversary episodes)

The Fearmonger (4 audio episodes)

The Genocide Machine (4 audio episodes)

Dust Breeding (4 audio episodes)

Colditz (4 audio episodes)

The Rapture (4 audio episodes)

The Shadow of the Scourge (4 audio episodes)

The Dark Flame (4 audio episodes)

Dalek Empire/Dalek War (Various audio adventures)

Editor’s Note: According to Big Finish Productions, the “Dalek Empire” series takes place during the time of the Seventh Doctor.A complete listing of all episodes, as well as the Bernice Summerfield episode is listed at the end of this Programme Guide.

The Harvest (4 audio episodes)

Dreamtime (4 audio episodes)

Master (2 audio episodes)

Death Comes to Time (5 audio episodes)

Editor’s Note: Certain events depicted in “Death Comes to Time” contradict several facts and events established in the series (like the existence of an 8th Doctor).  While the production was produced for BBCi as a one-off story, and while it does not fit into the established continuity, we have included it hear to be as complete as possible.

Last of the Titans (1 audio episode)

The Sirens of Time (4 audio episodes)

Excelis Decays (1 audio episode)

Project Lazarus – Part Two  (2 audio episodes)

Eighth Doctor (1996 – 2004)

The Enemy Within (FOX Television Movie)

Shada [Revisited] (6 audio episodes)

Storm Warning (4 audio episodes)

Sword of Orion (4 audio episodes)

The Stones of Venice (4 audio episodes)

Minuet in Hell (4 audio episodes)

Invaders From Mars (4 audio episodes)

The Chimes of Midnight (4 audio episodes)

Living Legend (1 audio adventure)

Seasons of Fear (4 audio episodes)

Embrace the Darkness (4 audio episodes)

The Time of the Daleks (4 audio episodes)

Neverland (Two 75-minute audio episodes)

Zagreus (Special 40th anniversary episode)

Scherzo (4 audio episodes)

The Creed of the Kromon (4 audio episodes)

The Natural History of Fear (4 audio episodes)

The Twilight Kingdom (4 audio episodes)

Faith Stealer (4 audio episodes)

The Last (4 audio episodes)

Caerdroia (4 audio episodes)

The Next Life (4 audio episodes)

Terror Firma (4 audio episodes)

Ninth Doctor (2004 – Present)

Rose (One 45-minute episode)

The End of the World (One 45-minute episode)

The Unquiet Dead (One 45-minute episode)

Aliens of London-World War Three (Two 45-minute episodes)

Dalek (One 45-minute episode)

The Long GameOne 45-minute episode)

Father’s DayOne 45-minute episode)

The Empty Child-The Doctor Dances(Two 45-minute episodes)

Boom Town (One 45-minute episode)

Bad Wolf-The Parting of the Ways(Two 45-minute episodes)

The Dalek Empire Series (2001 – 2005)

Invasion of the Daleks (1 audio episode)

The Human Factor (1 audio episode)

“Death to the Daleks!” (1 audio episode)

Project Infinity (1 audio episode)

Death and the Daleks (Bernice Summerfield audio adventure)

Dalek War (4 audio episodes)

The Externinators (1 audio episode)

The Healers (1 audio episode)

The Survivors (1 audio episode)

The Demons (1 audio episode)

The Warriors (1 audio episode)

The Future (1 audio episode)