History of the Imperial Daleks

The History of the Imperial Daleks

Robert Moore

Based on characters by Terry Nation and situations created by Eric Saward and Ben Aaronovitch


The Planet Nekros

After escaping from the space prison where Davros had been kept frozen for 90 years, and fallen victim to the Movellan virus, his escape pod landed on the planet of Nekros.

There Davros had his body placed suspended animation. He created a robotic head that would be linked to his own brain while he worked on a cure for the Movellan virus. It was also during this time that he invented the Imperial Daleks.

A Dalek Made of Glass

Davros had decided to copy the style used by the original Dal people and create a Dalek mutant with short clawed limbs to control the inside Dalek workings. He used a glass Dalek almost like the one he had found in pieces in the ruins of the old Dalek city that he had explored before his mutation on the planet of Skaro to grow the new mutants in.

The Mark IV Travel Machines

Davros created his new Daleks from a special mixture of Dalekenium and renforced it with a new bonded Polycarbite armour and blue-veined gold metal mined from the Skarosian moon of Flidor.

Davros’ Master Plan
While Davros’s body was healing from the virus, a second plan was being carried out.Under the guise of “The Great Healer” Davros was able to use the money he made from his company by selling the processed bodies that were not used for his new Daleks in to food. With that money he was able to purchase a battleship for his Daleks. A special Mark V Dalek was created and a Dalek production plant was installed on the battleship.


The Battle of Tranquil Repose

It was during his final days on Nekros that a trap for the sixth Doctor was set.
During his search for a battleship he had gathered information about the Doctor and set a trap for him in Tranquil Repose. Kara who had helped Davros set up his food business, hired a Knight of the order of Oberon to assassinate Davros. Both traps failed when Takis an embalmer, calls upon the original Daleks to free Nekros of Davros’s rule once and for all….


Capture and Rescue

Davros is taken prisoner by the original Daleks and was to be returned to Skaro for trial by the Dalek Prime. Davros before his capture had sent a command to the Imperial Dalek battleship to start production on the new “Special Weapons” Daleks. The Daleks obeyed and began a plan to rescue their creator….


Battle of the Daleks

The Imperial Daleks attacked the ship and with their new Special Weapons Daleks overcame all Daleks that stood in their way. They rescued Davros and brought him aboard the battleship. There Davros took command and had what was left of his body moved to the newly made shell of the Imperial Dalek Emperor.

Davros knew that his new Dalek army needed an ultimate weapon to take control of the universe and protect the Imperial Daleks from future attacks from the original Daleks. His search let him to the planet Earth where a remote stellar manipulator was hidden…..

The Quest For The Hand of Omega

Davros heads for the planet Earth in year 1963 to collect a quasi-living stellar manipulator code named “The Hand of Omega”.

Unknown to Davros, that this is a trap set up by the Doctor and the Time Lords to end his Imperial Dalek creations once and for all. However the original Daleks (now referred to as the renegade Daleks by Davros and his Daleks) have monitored their transmissions and are now after the Hand of Omega as well….


The Trap of the Time Lords

On the planet of Gallifrey the Time Lords had contacted the first Doctor and sent to him the Hand of Omega. Not telling him why, he reluctantly excepts and quickly hides it away.

On his way back to his TARDIS to meet his granddaughter Susan, he runs into two teachers from her school who are looking for her…

The Time Lords contact the seventh Doctor to compleat the trap. The Doctor is unaware that both the Imperial and the Original Daleks are coming to collect the seller manipulator….

The Power of the Imperial Daleks

With the help again of a special weapon Dalek, the Imperial Daleks win the Hand of Omega. They transport it to their battleship above the Earth. The Emperor Dalek (Davros) is taunted by the seventh Doctor into using the the Hand, which turns Skaro’s sun into a supernova and destroys Davros’ battleship. Davros escapes before the ship explodes.

The Doctor uses this knowledge to defeat the Black Dalek and the remainder of the renegade Daleks….


The Survivor

Deep in space, the only survivor from the Imperial Dalek battleship floats in an escape pod in suspended animation towards a unknown future. His latest creations are lost, his original creations have become his enemies. He is wanted dead by many different solar systems. His own life clinging to the life support system that he is forever attached to. Once though of as a genus by his peers, now he is alone, the last survivor from a dead planet. For the moment he sleeps, but for Davros its far from being all over….

To Be Continued….?

Article © 2002 Robert Moore/Visagraph Films International.

Doctor Who series and photographs © BBC Worldwide. Daleks and Davros created by Terry Nation.