Godzilla Vs. Mothra Film Book

Godzilla vs. Mothra
A Filmbook by Robert Biondi

(Originally published in G-FORCE  Issue #6 November/December 1993)

Gojira vs. Mosura

Godzilla and Mothra: The Battle for Earth

December 12, 1992

Executive Producer: Tomoyuki Tanaka
Director: Takao Okawara
Screenplay: Kazuki Omori
Music: Akira Ifukube
Special Effects: Koichi Kawakita
Godzilla: Kenpachiro Satsuma
Battra: Ryu Hurricane

In the late 2Oth century a huge meteor is hurtling toward Earth. As the meteor slams into the Pacific, the impact awakens Godzilla!

In Thailand, Takuya Fujito (Tetsuta Bessho), archaeologist by training and international art thief by profession, is working deep in an ancient temple. Fujito succeeds in retrieving a small gold idol that was hidden within a wall, but he has little time to enjoy his discovery; no sooner has he removed the idol than the temple begins to collapse in on him! Fujito narrowly escapes with his precious find, only to end up looking into the gun barrels of a group of Thai soldiers.
Fujito finds himself in a Thai jail and learns that he has three Japanese visitors: Mr. .Ryuzo Dobashi (Shoji Kobayashi) of the National Environment Planning Bureau (NEPB), Mr. Kenji Andoh (Takehiro Murata) of Marutomo Corporation, and Ms. Masako Tezuka (Satomi Kobayashi), also of the NEPB and Fujito’s ex-wife. Dobashi and Andoh show Fujito aerial photos of a large oval object, partially buried on an island. All they can disclose is that the object is on one of the Indonesian Islands and that the island is being redeveloped by Marutomo Corporation. Dobashi makes a proposal to Fujito: if Fujito agrees to investigate and excavate the object, the NEPB will arrange for his freedom from jail. Fujito scornfully rejects the offer. Believing he’ll be free in a week. Fujito refuses to risk his neck for a big company. However, Masako rather tauntingly points out to Fujito that because he stole an idol and caused the destruction of the temple, he will probably remain in jail for fifteen years. In view of this, Fujito hastily reconsiders the offer.
A few days later at the NEPB headquarters in Tokyo, NEPB Chief Joji Minamino (Akira Takarada) confers with Dobashi as they are joined by Professor Shigeki Fukazawa (Sabura Shinoda). Dobashi informs the professor that Fujito, Masako, and Andoh have left Bangkok for Indonesia.  “I feel guilty about getting Masako’s ex-husband involved in this matter,” Minamino says. “Will they get along?”  “Well, they still seem to have feelings for each other,” assures the professor .
Minamino, Fukazawa, and Dobashi then enter the main room of the NEPB, where teams of scientists and technicians are using the latest computer technology to monitor the Earth’s activity.  “The Earth is heading towards its death,” laments Minamino. “Rising carbon dioxide levels caused by destruction of the ozone layer. We humans are still cutting down trees, destroying our forests without thinking of the consequences.”  The professor concurs, “besides the crash of the meteor, the atmosphere is deteriorating. The sea is rising, and there is trembling along the undersea trench. The Earth is definitely heading towards its end.”  The trio walk over to a young woman sitting in front of a monitor. “Have you found him?” Dobashi asks.
“No,” answers Miki Saegusa, psychic and member of the Defend Against Godzilla (DAG) team.  “The meteor caused a strong underwater current and woke Godzilla. He’s missing.”  “We’ve lost track of Godzilla, ” Minamino remarks grimly. “God help us.”

At the North Pole a huge underwater iceberg breaks apart. From within, a giant form emerges, larva-like in appearance with glowing red eyes.

Fujito, Masako, and Andoh are reaching their destination. Fujito demands to know where they are heading so Andoh unfolds a map and shows him. “Infant Island,” Fujito says with curiosity as he reads the map.  The trio lands and begins to search the island. “My God! It’s terrible here!”, Fujito remarks upon viewing the scarred, barren terrain of the island.  “We humans did this,” Masako adds. “Someday all of Earth will be like this.”
After a few misadventures in the jungle and down a river (with Fujito and Masako bickering most of the way), the trio camps for the night at the base of a waterfall. In front of the campfire, Masako hands her ex-husband an envelope. Fujito opens it to find a photo of their little daughter Midori, along with a note: “To my father, who is out chasing thieves all around the world. When I grow up, I’ll help you.”  “Hey, what am I? A detective for Interpol or something?” Fujito asks.  “How can you expect me to tell her you steal artifacts?” Masako replies.
In the morning, Fujito locates a cave behind the waterfall. Upon entering, the trio are greeted by the sight of a wall painting of two strange winged creatures, different yet similar in appearance. Fujito estimates that the painting is at least ten thousand years old. At that moment, a shaft of light pours through an opening in the roof of the cave; the opening is oddly cut in the shape of a cross within a circle. The light points the way to another tunnel and the trio investigates.
They are led outside and to the site of the giant oval object. As they discuss what the great object could be, voices from behind them softly declare, “That’s Mothra’s egg.”  Fujito, Masako, and Andoh turn around to behold an astonishing sight; standing before them are two small beautiful girls (Keiko Imamura and Sayaka Osawa), each only six inches tall. “Who are you?” an amazed Masako asks.  The girls answer in unison:  “We are called Cosmos. We lived here long before humans appeared on Earth. Twelve thousand years ago, we worshipped Mothra as the guardian of our society.  We had a highly advanced civilization with no war, no hunger, and no hate.”  “But our scientists created a system to control the weather and that angered the Life Force of the Earth. The Earth felt danger to its Life Force from having its weather controlled artificially, so the Earth protected itself by creating a black Mothra, called Battra.”  “Battra itself is not evil, but contains the self-preservation instinct of the Earth. Battra attacks and destroys anything that threatens the Life Force of the Earth.”  “Mothra fought Battra to protect us and sunk Battra into the sea. But Battra was able to destroy our weather control system and so huge floods occurred. Water quickly covered our lands. Mothra and some Cosmos escaped to this mountain top, but most were…” The Cosmos abruptly stop.
“And now we humans are putting the Earth in danger,” Masako sadly observes.  “We think so also,” agree the Cosmos. “The meteor, heavy rains, and landslides tell us this.”  “My company’s cutting down of the forest is a part of that,” Andoh remarks.  The Cosmos continue: “If there were no meteor or destruction of the Earth. Mothra’s egg would stay dormant.”
Masako asks, “But since the egg did appear, what is going to happen now? Can you tell us?”  The Cosmos express their concerns: “What we are most afraid of is that Battra has also awoken somewhere in the world.”

An irate mob has gathered at the Marutomo Corporation redevelopment project at Mt. Fuji, protesting the company’s ruthless razing of the Fuji forest. The mob’s anger intensifies when the CEO, Mr. Koshi Tomokane (Makoto Otake), drives through their ranks. Callous to the mob’s protests, Tomokane goes on to question his staff on the progress of his project.
Tomokane then receives a long distance phone call from Andoh.  “What? A huge egg? Mothra? I don’t understand what you’re talking about. Just bring back whatever it is you found and I’ll straighten everything out with the government,”
Tomokane briskly orders and hangs up. In deep contemplation he remarks, “This may be the world’s greatest discovery.”
“Does he know what he’s asking?” says an aghast Fujito when Andoh relays the CEO’s order.  “We trust you,” the Cosmos tell them. “We don’t want you to make the same mistakes we did. If Mothra’ s egg can help then we’ll go.”  “You’ll go back to Japan with us?” Masako asks. The Cosmos nod in agreement. “Thank you,” Masako answers. “I promise you I’ll get your message across to the people of Japan.”
Meanwhile, a giant creature appears in the Sea of Japan. At the NEPB the Chief, Dobashi and Miki fear it is Godzilla. “That’s Battra ” Professor Fukazawa informs the group and shows them a report from Masako that reads: “The End of
Infant Island’s Civi1ization…Mothra…Scientists…Weather Experiments…BATTRA APPEARED.”
Air units of the Japanese Self Defense Force (JSDF) attempt to stop Battra in the sea, but missiles are ineffective against its heavily armored body. Battra swims toward the Noto Peninsula. striking with tremendous impact and burrowing its way deep underground.
At Infant Island the giant egg is being hauled away on a large barge.  On the ship’s deck the Cosmos, Fujito, Masako, and Andoh watch as the project proceeds.  “Marutomo is BIG business!” jokes Fujito.

In Nagoya the earth begins to tremble, then a pillar of billowing smoke rises from the ground.  A building collapses and from beneath the rubble, Battra emerges, its hideous visage plainly visible in the broad daylight.  Battra smashes Nagoya Castle and continues to crawl through the city, crushing all in its path.  JSDF tank and maser-tank squads make a desperate counterattack near Nagoya Tower.  Resilient to this attack, Battra fires powerful energy beams from its eyes and horn, destroying the JSDF units. Battra then knocks down nagoya Tower and continues on its rampage.  Finally, Battra burrows itself underground, leaving Nagoya in ruins.

The ship towing Mothra’s egg is crossing the Philippine Sea when there is a great disturbance in the water.  The Cosmos and the crew watch as the sea begins to foam and flash, then a great beam of white-blue light shoots up from the water.  From the turbulent sea a giant tail emerges, then a row of glowing dorsal plates and then…Godzilla! The King of the Monsters, who has not been seen since the war with King Ghidora, has been attracted by the egg and wades menacingly toward it.
Fujito observes this and dashes down to the winch controls on the lower deck.  He is about to jettison the egg when he feels a hand grab his arm. “What are you doing?!” Andoh demands.  “Don’t you see? We’re in danger!” Fujito sharply answers.  “We have to dump the egg!”
“No!” Andoh shouts.  “I’m taking it back to Japan.  It’s the CEO’s orders!”  “That’s why I’m not a salary man,” Fujito coolly replies.  Andoh attacks Fujito and a brawl ensues.  After a brief fight, Fujito subdues Andoh and releases the cables attached to the barge, setting it adrift.
As Godzilla closes in on the egg the shell glows, cracks and burst open.  Mothra is born!  The newborn larva views the evil Godzilla and dives into the sea, just in time, for Godzilla strikes the barge with a blast from his atomic heat ray.  Suddenly in pain and rage Godzilla lifts his tail right out of the water, Mothra has clamped its mandibles onto the tip.  Godzilla manages to shake Mothra loose, tossing the huge larva back towards the crippled barge.
Mothra replies by bracing herself on the hulk and spitting out a barrage of cocoon silk into Godzilla’s face.  Godzilla is quick to retaliate with his heat beam and Mothra once again takes refuge beneath the waves.  As Godzilla advances, Mothra suddenly surges upwards, punching Godzilla in the chest like a giant battering ram.  Though dazed by the unexpected blow, Godzilla grabs at Mothra with his claws and grips the larva in a steely embrace.  Then, at close range, Godzilla again unleashes his fiery breath, blasting Mothra clear over the barge.
Suddenly a new antagonist enters the fray.  Battra appears, attacking the beleaguered Mothra with its horn and flinging her back towards Godzilla as a bull might toss a terrier.  Battra presses its attack with prism beams from its eyes, but the rays strike a surprised Godzilla who quickly retaliates in kind.  As Godzilla and Battra direct their fury at each other, Mothra swims out of the line of fire. the two battling behemoths lock in a vicious struggle and plunge into the depths, allowing Mothra to set a course back to Infant Island.  “What will I tell the CEO?” Andoh moans.  “We invested all this money and got nothing.”  “Fool! It would have been disaster if we brought the larva back to Japan!” snaps Fujito.
Beneath the waves Godzilla and Battra continue their intense battle with each monster firing its own powerful ray against the other. The impact of their fight causes the fissure between the Philippine and Eurasian land plates to open up! Godzilla and Battra fall into the chasm of boiling magma to apparent death.

That night at a Manilla hotel. the Cosmos are sleeping peacefully. In the hotel restaurant, Fujito and Masako are reaching a reconciliation, while Andoh is consoling himself at the bar. In the morning Masako is shocked to find that both Andoh and the Cosmos are gone!

“Great!  When we announce them as our company spokespeople, we’ll get tons of publicity!” Tomokane boasts as he views the Cosmos at a meeting in his Tokyo HQ.  “Andoh, you did a great job.”  Andoh accepts this praise with an uncomfortable nod.

Fujito and Masako have meanwhile returned to Japan.  At the airport Masako is greeted by Midori, Professor Fukazawa and his daughter Mayumi (Yoshiko Tanaka).  The professor says he is going to the volcano observatory on Mt. Fuji, since he is concerned about the repercussions of the clash between Godzilla and Battra.  Midori asks where her father is, and Masako is surprised to see that Fujito has strangely disappeared.

At Marutomo HQ the Cosmos secretly sing for Mothra. On Infant Island Mothra senses the call and embarks for Japan.  Meanwhile, NEPB Chief Minamino tries to convince Tomokane to return the Cosmos, but to no avail.  The point soon becomes moot, because Andoh discovers that the Cosmos are missing.  Fujito has returned to his life of stealing treasure.  In a Tokyo restaurant he and a rich American are negotiating a final price for the Cosmos.
In Fujito’s hotel room the Cosmos continue to summon Mothra. Attempts by the JSDF to stop Mothra in the Pacific fail, and the giant larva lands in Tokyo Bay, crushing everything in its path.  Masako drives through Tokyo with Midori and Miki, for Miki is using her psychic powers to search for the Cosmos.

At his HQ, Tomokane and Andoh are watching Mothra wreck Tokyo. “So, that is Mothra?” Tomokane comments.
“Boss, we must leave now. We’ re the ones who brought it here!” Andoh pleads.  “SHUT UP!” Tomokane commands. As Mothra destroys the city, Tomokane defiantly shouts at the great larva, “Do it! More! MORE! I’ll rebuild all of Tokyo!”
Miki tracks the Cosmos to Fujito’s hotel. Masako and Midori enter the building just in time to see Fujito leaving his room and carrying the Cosmos in their basket.  “You should be ashamed,” Masako tells Fujito.  Midori innocently says, “Daddy, I don’t want to be a thief s daughter. Please return the Cosmos to Mama.”  Masako adds, “I didn’t have to tell her anything. She must have figured it out for herself.”  Crest fallen, Fujito tells Masako, “I was going to use the money to start life all over again.”  “Just by yourself?”  “I was going to discuss this with you.”  “I won’t discuss anything with you if you got the money from selling the Cosmos.”  “What if I don’t take any of the money?” he asks.  “Then there will be room for discussion.”
Miki dashes in and warns, “Mothra is heading towards this building. We must get out of here!”  Too late, for Mothra smashes into the hotel and rocks the entire building.  “Cosmos, please stop Mothra and I’ll stop Daddy from stealing,” Midoi pleads.  “We’ll do it Midori. Please take us where we can see Mothra.”  The Cosmos are gently placed on a window ledge. As Mothra crawls closer to the building the tiny girls speak to the gigantic larva, “Mothra, we are here and we are all right now. Save your wrath. We honor you.”  Mothra turns and begins to leave the city.  However, JSDF units suddenly open fire on Mothra, hurting her. Dobashi telephones orders to the JSDF units to cease fire. The injured Mothra slowly crawls toward the National Diet Building and smashes into the walls. Mothra then rests on the building and remains still.

At the volcano observatory on Mt. Fuji, Professor Fukazawa is watching a news broadcast on the events in Tokyo when an aide rushes to him with a report. “Professor! Mothra is not the most dangerous thing right now!”  The professor quickly reads the report. “I see. The pressure of the magma has risen greatly within the last two hours! We must leave here in an hour, no…thirty minutes!”
At twilight, Mothra is still motionless. Crowds, TV crews, and JSDF units surround the area. Fujito, Miki, Midori and Masako with the Cosmos rush to the scene. Midori is afraid that Mothra is dying, but the Cosmos assure her that Mothra is just completing its larva stage. Soon after, Mothra stirs and begins to spin a cocoon around herself, using the Diet Building as a support.  Tomokane and Andoh are watching the news when Tomokane sees the Cosmos in Masako’s possession. “I knew it! They stole the girls! Get them back!”  But Andoh finds the courage to disagree. “Boss, don’t you understand? Mothra and the girls have a special mission. I, we use them for our own purposes, we’ll be destroyed!”  “What are you talking about?!” Tomokane demands, furious that Andoh dares to question his authority.  At that moment, a violent earth tremor strikes Tokyo. Mt. Fuji is erupting! Boiling lava begins to flow down the mountainside, and in the center of the crater a huge mass of lava suddenly surges upward.  “WHAT?!”  Tomokane shouts in stunned disbelief when telephoned that his complex at Mt. Fuji has been demolished by the eruption. “Infant Island and Mt. Fuji…why only us?”
“The Earth is angry with us,” Andoh grimly remarks. “Are you crazy?” asks a dazed Tomokane.  Andoh contemptuously looks Tomokane in the face and retorts, “I’m not crazy but you are!”  “You’re fired! Get the hell out of here!” yells Tomokane. Defiant of the despot he once slaved for, Andoh replies, “I’m leaving. This building will be destroyed, and then you’ll pay the price,” Andoh stalks out, leaving a defeated Tomokane to reflect on the disasters he brought upon himself.

Nightfall. At the Diet Building, Mothra bas completed its cocoon. The JSDF units illuminate the scene with huge search- lights. Miki suddenly feels an unearthly chill. “No,” she gasps. “Godzilla! It can’t be!”  The volcanic holocaust at Mt. Fuji is at its height, and silhouetted against the hellish inferno is the immense form of Godzilla!  The King of the Monsters bas been totally unaffected by his imprisonment in the magma, save that it bas only increased his rage! At NEPB HQ, Minarnino orders the main screen on the NEPB Super Computer to be activated. In a matter of seconds the appearance of Godzilla is confirmed as is his point of destination: Yokohama!
From his helicopter, Professor Fukazawa is photographing the volcano when he is startled to see Godzilla. “Why is Godzilla here?” an aide asks.  The professor concludes: “Godzilla went into the volcano in the Philippines and came through the mantle up Mt. Fuji.”  “That’s impossible!” the aide insists. “The magma is 1500 degrees!”  “Godzilla is beyond our understanding,” is the only reply that Professor Fukazawa can give.  Roaring his fury, Godzilla advances toward Yokohama.
At the Diet Building, news of Godzilla’s appearance has quickly spread. Then a bright light forms within the cocoon, which splits open. As golden dust floats out, Mothra emerges, now transformed to imago (adult) stage. Mothra frees itself from the cocoon and raises to her full winged form. Spectators watch in awe as the gigantic but beautiful Mothra flutters away. “Mothra is going to fight Battra again,” the Cosmos foretell. Masako gasps, “Battra isn’t dead?”
In the Pacific, Battra is indeed free from its volcanic prison. Sensing that Mothra has changed to imago stage, Battra begins to glow furiously, and in a great flash of blinding light, Battra transforms itself into its own imago form! Soaring at an incredible speed, Battra sets out to destroy Mothra.
Meanwhile, all available JSDF units have dashed into action in a desperate attempt to stop Godzilla’s onslaught. In the countryside at Tanzawa, the JSDF launches a massive assault as tanks, missiles, helicopters, maser-tanks and maser-jets attack Godzilla. This valiant effort is futile, for Godzilla decimates Japan’s finest military might with his white-hot atomic ray. Victorious, Godzilla continues his advance on Yokohama unopposed.
Over Yokoharna, Mothra and Battra engage in a fierce aerial duel. The battle wrecks much of the Yokohama district, and then extends to Yokohama’s extravagant MM21 Theme Park. Mothra fights bravely but is cruelly mowed down by Battra. Battra then moves in to make its killing strike against Mothra.  Nearby, Godzilla appears leaving a swath of fiery ruins and destroying everything in his path. The Cosmos, Fujito, Masako, Midori, and all of Japan watch as Godzilla and Battra square off for battle.  Using its eye-beams, Battra drives Godzilla back to wards the 70-story Landmark Tower. Battra fires its beams against the tower, cutting it in half and burying Godzilla under tons of concrete and steel! As Battra flies close to survey the rubble, an enraged Godzilla bursts from the debris and seizes Battra! Godzilla brutally hurls Battra to the ground and repeatedly blasts the winged creature with his atomic ray.
Roused by Battra’s cries, Mothra flies out to attack Godzilla. Firing energy beams from its antennae, Mothra catches Godzilla off guard and causes him to crash into a building. While Godzilla is temporarily down, Mothra lands in front of the injured Battra and telepathically conveys this message: though they are different in appearance, Mothra and Battra are of the same species and must unite against their common enemy.  Godzilla revives and advances toward his winged opponents. Mothra goes on the offensive and engages Godzilla. Godzilla claws at Mothra, but Mothra breaks free and unleashes a golden powder that not only discharges powerful shocks, but also deflects Godzilla’s atomic ray.
Godzilla retaliates by irradiating a powerful aura from his body, the force knocking Mothra backwards to the base of a great ferris wheel. Godzilla blasts the base of the wheel, causing it to slowly fall on Mothra. The wheel is about to crush Mothra but suddenly it stops…Battra has caught the wheel and saved Mothra. “Now they both know what they must do,” say the Cosmos.  Battra flies toward Godzilla and smashes the great wheel into the titan’s snout. Stunned, Godzilla topples backwards. As Godzilla struggles out of the steel wreckage, Mothra and Battra bombard him with their energy beams. Godzilla smashes the wheel to bits, jumps to his feet and furiously blasts his airborne enemies with his ray.

Since they are beginning to lose strength, Mothra and Battra coordinate their attack. Flying close to Godzilla, Mothra uses her golden powder and Battra unleashes its eye-beams. The combined powers of Mothra and Battra prove too much even for the King of the Monsters. Roaring in pain, Godzilla falters and finally collapses.  With little time to lose, Mothra and Battra prepare for a final strike against the fallen Godzilla. Battra grabs Godzilla’ s chest, but Godzilla vengefully bites into Battra’s neck, making the winged creature bleed profusely. As Godzilla struggles with Battra, Mothra grabs Godzilla’s tail and discharges powerful shocks. Though Mothra is weakening and Battra is gravely wounded, the winged heroes haul Godzilla out of the devastated MM21 Park and out to the Pacific.

As dawn breaks, Godzilla kills Battra with a blast of his atomic ray. Mothra breaks clear as Godzilla and the slain Battra plummet into the ocean. Over the area where its enemy and recent ally have fallen, Mothra emits a light that forms a holy ring. The golden image drifts downward and disappears into the ocean. Mothra circles the area and then flutters away. Godzilla, King of the Monsters, has been subdued…for now.
At the NEPB Airfield, Mothra is resting on the ground while the Cosmos speak with the Chief, Fujito, Masako, Midori, Miki, Dobashi, Professor Fukazawa and Andoh. The Cosmos forewarn that a huge meteor will strike the Earth before the end on the decade. “Battra was supposed to awaken to stop it, for Battra’s mission was to destroy the meteor and save the Earth. But now Battra is dead. The meteor is still far off in space, so Mothra will find it and change its course away from Earth.”  “Why have you and Mothra been taking all these risks for the sake of humanity?” Minamino asks.  “That is our mission and our promise,” the Cosmos faithfully reply.  The Cosmos drift into the air and float towards Mothra, their bodies dis-incorporating into a golden light that merges into one of Mothra’s antennae. As everyone watches Mothra flyaway, the voices of the Cosmos intone: “Please think of us and Mothra when the new millennium comes.”  Midori watches Mothra disappear into the sky , then turns to her father and asks, “Isn’t Mothra coming back?”  “Not for a long time,” Fujito answers.  Masako joins Fujito and says to Midori, “Until then, it’s our turn to save the Earth.”


Not a remake of Godzilla vs. the Thing, Godzilla vs. Mothra is a combination of the original Mothra, a Godzilla film, and ideas from Kazuki Omori’s aborted script, “Mothra vs. Bagan.”  Based on these mixed elements, Godzilla vs. Mothra is an uneven, but generally entertaining, entry in the Godzilla series.

Koichi Kawakita’s SPFX work is uneven. Godzilla looks suitably sinister, but Mothra and Battra could have been better in design and execution. Takao Okawara’s direction is thoughtful, but superficial at times, and much more light-hearted than the few previous Godzilla films. The cast is generally competent, though the supporting actors are more memorable than the leads. Akira Takarada, star of Godzilla vs. the Thing, is unfortunately wasted in a role that has him merely standing around warning about dangers to the environment. Godzilla vs. Mothra moves at a quick, almost slap-dash pace. The screenplay is typical of Omori; contrived, crammed with underdeveloped ideas, and padded with scenes copied from American blockbusters. The environmental message is overstated to the point of annoyance, and worse, Godzilla is reduced to a cameo role in his own movie!

Despite these problems, Godzilla vs. Mothra holds together better in whole than in part. The appearance of the monsters is much enhanced by Kawakita’s optical rays, which are precise, colorful, and plentiful. The setting for the fight in the Philippine Deep is a clever change, and the grand battle at Yokohama is a real highlight. Godzilla vs. Mothra is also greatly boosted by the music of Akira Ifukube, whose score is typically grandiose. Furthermore, Godzilla vs. Mothra is somewhat of a fairy-tale, recalling the charm of the 1960’s Godzilla films. These positive factors make it possible to forget the flaws and just enjoy the SPFX. If not among the first level of best Godzilla films, Godzilla vs. Mothra is certainly in the second level.

Rating: *** (3 stars)

Filmbook and comentary © 1996, 2002 Robert Biondi/Daikaiju Publishing