The first “Shoowat” 1

(The Origin of the Dalek People)
Benjamin C. Fuller

EARTH: Somewhere in the future….

“Exterminate!”  It shouted as it glided across the landscape.  It was a meaningless word, yet it seemed to help its determination.  As it glided over the battlefield, it looked down at the humans who’s life it so recently extinguished.  How like children they were in how they reacted to their situations!  It automatically felt contempt of them.  Also, they were so intriguingly different that it was hard to move away once a mission was done!  Yet, there was an odd feeling of kinship that it seemed to feel with them.  It pondered, “Was it the latent form of it’s peoples mental powers that they had?  Was it the fact that it always seem to be bumping into them, even though they live many light-years away, or was it something much deeper?”  The Dalek submerged its essence within its mutated form and felt that it had finally come home.


Silver-gray across the sky,
Energy killing never shy,
Grace the universe with your power,
Bringing death at this our darkest hour,
Death from the Skies!

SKARO: Somewhere in the prehistoric past….

A medium sized, man feeds peacefully on the soft algae-like food pack he was issued.  Simple fare; no intruders; he was content.   After all, what more was there?  The question was answered in a flash of light that seemed to come from nowhere!
His body was growing, changing, evolving, super-evolving, until he didn’t know what he was!  He felt himself filled with hate, fear, and many more things.  Primitive instincts became heightened, awareness and his simple thoughts became physic ones.  Not only did the idea of right and wrong dawn upon him, but he also felt the motives of every creature in the area suddenly pouring itself upon his sensibilities.  It was overwhelming, yet he had to give way!
His finned mutated head broke the water’s surface and he ran/walked out of the tank.  Ran?!?  Walked?!?  Theses words no longer had meaning for him.  Then suddenly, he senses something malevolent sneaking up on him.  He turned; unthinkingly flinging out his hands to ward off his unseen attacker. Hands?!?  More like clawed appendages!  And something green exploded in a flash of light!  Not sure of what had happened, he stood and stared at the smoldering mass of flesh that was his handiwork.
New emotions flooded his consciousness.  They were too numerous to name.  He was no longer content with his old way of living and he contemplated what lay beyond the sky that spread above him like the vast, great city once had.  In the space of seconds, he had outgrown his entire world.  It felt too primitive to him.  He looked at some men working in the distance; he wanted to live as far away from them as possible; he never did like inferiors!
The flaming debris felt good.  It filled him full of energy.  He felt lighter and lighter with every move, like a winged thing that can’t be enmeshed.  Finally, he stood still, looked slowly to the sky, as if in wonder.  Then like a flash of silver light, he turned towards the humans, and the first “exterminate!” echoed across the planet!


Humanity is a tiny drop,
in the Inlets of Infinity.
Their boundaries are behind me,
for Death lies for me unbound!
My ocean’s the whole Universe,
for I have touched the sky!
Death now beckons me,
to Destiny I must fly!

EPILOGUE: … and somewhere in that vast reaching endlessness, a divine being, known as Davros, smiles…

Story © 2001, 2002 Benjamin C. Fuller/Visagraph Films International. Used with permission.