The Daleks And How They Survived

The Daleks – And How They Survived
A theoretical look at how the Daleks might have survived the destruction of Skaro

The Doctors attempt to destroy Skaro in fact did not work. When he tricked Davros into using theHand of Omegathe renegade/co-opt agent Daleks sent a message to Skaro that Davros had the Hand, and that he would destroy Skaro with it. The real Dalek Emperor sent a group of Daleks back in time about one thousand years to develop various ways of stopping Skaro from being destroyed in the Super Nova of Skaro’s sun.  They came up with two possible ideas, a planetary force-field device, or a warp engine for the entire Planet to escape the blast. The possession of the warp engine would be in the center of Skaro itself. They got this idea by recapping the idea of piloting a planet.  Once they had finished their research the information was passed onto the Emperor Dalek, where he ordered that both plans should be carried out to insure Skaro’s safety from Davros’ insanity.
When the Super Nova occurred the shield resisted the immense power of the blast as the Daleks plotted their planet to a new system, which they were going to claim as Skaro’s own. They chose, mostly for revenge purposes in try to wipe out the Dalek race, the Doctor’s home world.  On the outskirts of Gallifrey’s solar system, they would plot their revenge to steal the time travel plans, and any other technology that they could find use for.
The Daleks put research into making their race invincible, as over the past few millenniums they have been defeated more often than before.  This was not acceptable and the Emperor wanted a new design for the Daleks, an upgrade if you will, to make them invincible. It was simple, they tested various different designs against test subjects; a.k.a. armed humanoids.  The result ended up with something that would be practically invincible.  The final Dalek created was known as “Perfect DI.” It proved to be very effective, and to withstand a lot of old problems.  It had the following upgrades:

The “DI” Dalek is More Compact – Its much more sleek in design and better looking.  In Spider Dalek form, the new Dalek can change into this form at will its bottom armored parts will fold out to become spider legs. The Dalek bump parts will fold inwards to protect spider leg joints this form is capable of traveling over any terrain and can even hang upside down and onto walls.  Also they are useful when a Dalek is confronted in hand-to-hand combat.  The Dalek can rear up on its back legs and use the front two to attack the enemy with.

New Weaponry: New weaponry with targeting capability making Daleks more accurate killers and increased power to the weaponry shield generator.  Extra defensive purposes to make Daleks less likely to be destroyed and can absorb almost any attack from enemies.

Stronger Armor:  The material Daleks are made from will be twice as strong.

New Weapon and Shielding Upgrading Device:  This device scans an enemy for any advanced weaponry or shielding.  If any are detected that prove a threat, the shield and gun will upgrade to overcome this problem and transfer this information to Dalek Central Control, where it will be sent to all Units.

Upgraded Anti-Grav Orbs: This will enable Daleks to travel faster plus hover up stairs.

Upgraded Eyestalks: Increased sight, new tactical data including scanning devices and energy gages as well as an accurate targeting mode.

New Manipulator Arm: The new manipulator arm is more advanced and practical then the old one.  It is equipped with a claw to make tasks simpler.  It also has many modes it can change into, like for when in a Jungle into a Flame-thrower mode.

The new Daleks are mass-produced as all old Dalek Casing are melted down to create the new “Perfect DI” casings.  When the whole Dalek army on Skaro was amassed of these new Daleks, and mass production of Daleks had began, the Emperor, in his new form, ordered that the cities, ships and everything Dalek made, be upgraded to so that it matched with the Daleks new form.  In other words he wanted things more compact.  It took the Daleks over two hundred years to redesign everything, and by this time the Dalek City on Skaro almost crossed the entire surface.  The army had grown to a great size that nothing could stand in comparison to it. But now the Emperors eye was turned to Gallifrey, where the Daleks would have their revenge!
A few months later, a Gallifreyian ship spotted an unmarked planet, and reported it back to the authorities on Gallifrey.  They immediately sent ships out to investigate, only to find to their horror that the Daleks still lived.  The race they wanted vanquished from the universe, as it was a threat to their own, were now ready to attack, but before they could report back the Daleks destroyed them. This triggered the Dalek invasion of Gallifrey.

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