Dalek Monster of the Month: The Yeti


From the files of U.N.I.T.:

This month we look at THE YETI: Peaceful, harmless primates, living in the Himalayas. The Great Intelligence used robotic replicas of the Yeti, controlled telepathically through small silver spheres lodged in their chest, to frighten travelers away from Det-Sen monastery and protect its first attempt at reincorporation.  This plan was thwarted by the second Doctor, Professor Travers, Jamie and Victoria.

Later, a robot Yeti, brought back to London by Professor Travers, was donated to Julius Silverstein’s private museum. Reactivated, it and other robot Yetis used web guns to launch an attack to capture the second Doctor in the London Underground. The Doctor again teamed up with Travers, Jamie, Victoria and then Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart to fight The Intelligence, and succeeded in reprogramming a robot Yeti.  All the robot Yetis later collapsed when Jamie wrenched the Intelligence’s mind-draining device from the Doctor’s head.
A Yeti was used by the Time Lord Borusa as a pawn in the Game of Rassilon. Real Yetis were taller, less bulky, with longer, silkier, reddish fur and soft dark eyes.


Height: 7 – 8 Feet (robot) 12 Feet (real)
Weight: 500 Lbs. (robot) 300 Lbs. (real)
Powers: Robot Yetis Can fire guns
First Appearance: The Abominable Snowmen

The Abominable Snowmen (NN)
The Web Of Fear (QQ)
The Five Doctors (6K)

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