Chapter Twelve: Davros – Revelation of the Daleks

The History of the Daleks:

Chapter Twelve
Davros – Revelation of the Daleks

The last years of Doctor Who had, unfortunately, some of the best, and some of the worst stories in the series entire history.  Concentrating on improving the special effects, the complexities of the plots, which had served the series so well in the past, began to suffer, and the Dalek stories were not immune. By the time “Resurrection of The Daleks” was broadcast, the program had become flashy enough to hope that The Daleks would return to their former screen presence.  In many aspects the new Dalek design lived up to expectations, and in fact the new metal grey color with the silver shoulder section quickly became my personal favorite.  However by this time in the series’s history it was becoming obvious that John Nathan-Turner’s vision for the program had grown stale.  While the Daleks themselves looked good, the plot of “Resurrection” only served to continue their move towards second fiddle to Davros, and the trend would only continue. Of the two remaining televised stories, “Revelation of the Daleks,” and “Remembrance of the Daleks” (completing the “R” Trilogy), “Revelation” is by far the worst of the two.  Once again, at the insistence of Terry Nation, the production team was forced to place Davros into the story, despite the fact that the character was quite died at the end of “Resurrection,” and had long over-stayed his welcome. Deciding however to script the story from Davros’ point-of-view may have been it’s only saving grace.  The episode is a Davros story and not a Dalek one, the Daleks, or at least the “real” Daleks, are totally oblivious to Davros’ actives until the very end.  “Revelation” marked, for the first time in the series, the character of Davros being played by the same actor, and Terry Malloy, once again, gives a fine performance in the role.  Finally, as with “The Mutant Phase,” Big Finish Productions has attempted to “fill in the gaps,” so to speak, and tie together several of the events that were depicted in the last two stories together.  It is there fore important for the reader to remember while examining the rest of this tome, that most of the history from this point on is based on the Big Finish audio dramas, and as they are constantly being produced (for various Doctors), this history may need from time to time a bit of tweaking. -JRR

Davros was dead, and the Doctor had escaped once again, but these events were unimportant to the Supreme Council. The cure to the Movellian virus had been found, and the Dalek race was slowly coming back to life.  The Dalek Prime quickly turned its attention back to the conquest of the Universe.  As more and more of Dalek society recovered, the inner council realized that they needed to expand their thinking if they were going to defeat both Earth’s forces, as well as the Doctor.
Yet as the Dalek Prime and its closest advisors were formulating their plans, all was not well on the Dalek home world.  Dissention, which had raised its ugly head from time to time within Dalek society, began to fester once more. Dalek worker forces, concerned over the constant failures of the inner council, begin to believe that the Dalek Prime’s vision for the direction of their race was un-true to the Dalek’s destiny.  They, like the Emperor himself, began to believe that the Dalek Prime was un-fit to command.  However, unlike the Emperor, who had no dough in his abilities to command the worker units, begin to believe that Davros might have been their one last hope.



…On the outer edges of Earth’s frontier, on the home world of Trans Allied Incorporated (TAI), the Doctor, now in his sixth incarnation, has been summoned by his journalist friend Willis to investigate plans by TAI to close down it mining operations all throughout the Earth Empire.  Considering that the mines are very profitable, and that their closure would put billions of people out of work, Willis is determined to get to the bottom of things.  Having left Peri, his recent traveling companion at a botany convention, Willis, the Doctor, and Kimberley Todd, a technician for TAI, begin to explore ways of entering the TAI dome.  Suddenly the trio is alerted by the sounds of an approaching spacecraft, and are surprised when the hillside opens to revel a secret space hanger.  Rushing in through the hanger doors, the three secure themselves behind some packing crates in the hopes of discovering exactly what is going on.  The Doctor is surprised to discover that the spacecraft is in reality a raiding ship, just back from acquiring some cargo somewhere.  He is even more surprised when he sees that the “cargo” that this raiding ship is carrying is the emaciated body of Davros.  Throwing all caution to the wind, the Doctor jumps out from his hiding place to confront the raiding ship’s crew.  He is, naturally, surrounded by armed security personal, and as Davros’ body is taken away he is approached by Arnold Baynes, the richest man within the Earth Empire and CEO of Trans Allied Incorporated.  The Doctor confronts Baynes about the dangers Davros can pose and accuses him of working with the Daleks.  But Baynes informs the Doctor that the Daleks have not been active in this part of the galaxy for almost 100 years, and that his interests in Davros is purely historic.  Taken to the medical facilities the Doctor meets Dr. Lorraine Baynes, an expert on Dalek society and author of several books both examining, and apologizing for, Dalek culture.

Meanwhile, Willis and Kimberley, forgotten for the moment by the Doctor, are attempting to find their way out of the hanger when they stumble upon a series of tunnels leading deep under the dome.  While exploring they discover a secret production facility.  The facility seems to be automated, and upon closer inspection they discover that the assembly line is producing robots.


Back at the medical facilities Davros has awaken, and confronts the Doctor.  Baynes however, has other plans, and they do not include allowing the old rivalry between Davros and the Doctor to be rekindled.  He offers Davros a job, explaining that the human race has reached the limits of the Milky Way galaxy, and he wants Davros to help in the development of new navigation computers, which will allow mankind to reach other galaxies. Davros aggress, seeing this as an opportunity to redeem himself.  The Doctor is not fooled, and offers his assistance instead.  Faced with two geniuses offering to help, Baynes decides to allow the pair to work together.

Editor’s Note: In the actual series the one and only encounter the Sixth Doctor has with Davros is within Tranquil Repose, in “Revelation of the Daleks.”  It is never explained however, how Davros knows of the Doctor’s current incarnation, but thanks to Big Finish, this story nicely ties things together.

The next morning the Doctor arrives at the lab only to discover that Davros, who had arrived hours earlier, has completed the circuit boards they were to work on.  The Doctor however, sabotages it, and sets about constructing his own version using Davros as his assistant.  Within the hour the new circuit board is completed, and Davros is invited to take lunch with Dr. Lorraine Baynes, while Arnold Baynes offers the Doctor a tour of the dome.  Baynes does not trust the Doctor and is determined to find out what he is up to.  In their suite, Dr. Lorraine Baynes is fascinated by Davros, and informs him that she wishes to author his biography.  Davros is amused, and begins to describe his life to her, including the workings of his chair, and his unnecessary practice of having to eat.  Lorraine explains that famine is a major problem for the outer worlds, and it is at this point that Davros begins to form a plan on how to solve that problem.

At the computer center the Doctor runs into Kimberly, who informs him of what she and Willis have discovered.  Later that night the Doctor, Willis and Kimberly sneak down into the production facility, only to discover all work has been halted.  Upon examining one of the robots that had been taken off line, the Doctor is surprised to see the circuit he had created just hours before fitted into the robot’s central processor.  Unfortunately while replacing the access panel he accidentally reactivates that robot, which immediately attacks the Doctor and his companions.


Meanwhile Davros is meeting with Arnold Baynes, to discuss the food shortages and economic systems of the Earth Empire, when Baynes receives a report about the trouble in the production facility.  Davros suspects that whatever troubles are occurring in the tunnels under the dome the Doctor must be behind them.  Baynes leaves Davros and arrives with a security crew at the production facility just as the robot bears down on the Doctor.  The security crew destroys the robot as Willis and Kimberly sneak out.  Back in his quarters Lorraine discovers that Davros has figured out an equation that would allow him to accurately predict the galactic stock market.  Lorraine encourages Davros to use the equation, but for some reason Davros seems uninterested and melancholy.

Editor’s Note:  One of the more interesting aspects to “Davros” is the fact that it is two stories in one.  Davros’ life on Sakro before and immediately following his accident is presented in a series of “Flash-backs.”  It is through these sequences that we learn a little more about Davros’ early life, and loves!  Of special note is the performance of Terry Malloy, who, in the flashback sequences, sounds almost exactly as Michael Wisher did when he first created the character for “Genesis of the Daleks.”

The next morning the Doctor awakens to learn that TAI stock has risen sharply at the news of Davros’ employment.  Back in their quarters Baynes and his wife are discussing with Davros the prospects of having the Doctor deported.  Lorraine however, is not convinced that the Doctor poses only a minor threat, and wants to see him, and his journalist friend, dead.  Davros does not agree, stating that the Doctor is more of a threat as a free agent than being monitored within the dome.  He suggests to Baynes that the Doctor act as his assistant in solving the galactic food problem, and Baynes agrees.  The Doctor however is still convinced that Davros is working towards his own goals.
Later that day Davros visits Willis giving him an atomic device he claims he discovered Baynes was producing, in violation of intergalactic treaties.  He also informs Willis that he is only interested in helping the less fortunate within Earth’s empire, and wants to see people like Baynes and TAI destroyed.  To prove his point Davros reviles his stock market equation to Willis, and lays out his plans to destroy the corporations by revealing his equation to the entire population of the galaxy.  Willis informs Davros that this would create economic chaos, but Davros insists that he has a plan to restore order.  Davros’ plan however, is very much like the plan he laid-out on Skaro, several thousands of years ago.  This however, appalls Willis.


In the workshop Baynes and the Doctor are waiting for Davros to arrive when Willis contacts the Doctor insisting on speaking with him.  Baynes is very interested is hearing what the Doctor’s friend has to say, and accompanies him to the meeting.  While the two head down to the tunnels, Davros meets Kimberly in the computer center, requesting her help in uploading files to the computer network.  As Kimberly moves off to the control panels Lorraine enters wishing to speak to Davros.  Deep within the tunnels of the city Willis informs the Doctor and Baynes of Davros’ plans, but Baynes still refuses to believe that Davros has not changed his ways.  The Doctor tries in vane to convince the TAI chairman, but is suddenly interrupted by the sound of Davros’ voice.  Davros has been monitoring their conversation through a radio link he had fitted within the atomic device he gave Willis as evidence against Baynes.  Davros now confesses that it was he who created the device, and intends to set it off, killing Baynes, Willis, and especially the Doctor.  As the Doctor moves to drop the bomb down one of the mining shafts, it goes off.  Back in the computer center Davros assumes the position of CEO and orders Kimberly to seal off the room and transmit his stock market equation to the galaxy.  Meanwhile the radiation from the explosion is threatening to kill all the people within the dome.

In the tunnels Willis and Baynes have survived, as has the Doctor, although neither party is aware of the others survival. Concerned however over the report Willis is intending to file when he gets out of the tunnels, Baynes pushes the young journalist off the edge of the rock face they were clinging too.  Moving along the rock face, Baynes soon runs into the Doctor, who informs him (via information gained via a bio-implant all visitors to the dome recieve) that Davros has seized control of TAI.  The two head to the surface, just as Davros begins his economic plan to take control of the galaxy.  Breaking into the dome, using the Doctor’s TARDIS, Baynes heads off to confront Davros.  Finding him in the computer center Baynes, expecting the Doctor to defeat Davros, offers the Kaled scientist a plan of escape in return for the stock market equation.  Davros however has no need for Baynes, and kills him using an electrical discharge from his chair (focused through his one “good” arm).  Now Davros’ plans begin to fall apart, as the Doctor destroys the communications terminal, preventing Davros from sending his equation. Davros, threatening Kimberly with a poison injector, moves off to the hanger bay, intending to use Baynes’ escape ship to both escape, and transmit the equation.  The Doctor follows, confronting Davros outside the ship, but is unable to stop him from dragging Kimberly into the ship.  As the ship leaves the hanger Lorraine informs the Doctor that they can control the ship while it is still within the atmosphere.  On the flight deck Davros interfaces his chair’s computer with that of the ship’s, gaining control from the Doctor.  Kimberly desperately implores the Doctor to destroy the ship, but he refuses to place her life in danger. Grabbing the injector from Davros, Kimberly injects herself.  Now the Doctor has no reason not to destroy the craft, and programs it to head towards the surface of the planet.  With Davros desperately struggling to regain control, the ship plunges towards the surface and explodes.  But somehow the Doctor does not believe Davros is dead.


On Skaro, the Daleks were completely unaware of the events that took place between Davros and the TAI corporation.  As far as they were concerned their creator was dead, and plans continued on the conquest of the universe.  News however, soon reached the Supreme Conical, in the form of TAI press releases, that Davros had in fact survived, and the Dalek Prime ordered an immediate investigation into the matter.  This further angered the Emperor, and political tensions continued to grow between the various Dalek factions.  The situation was becoming desperate, and soon the Emperor realized that Sakro might not be the most resolute place from which to secure its power base.  What was needed was a new base of operations, one in which the Earth Empire knew nothing about.  Something outside the boundaries of Earth’s influence.  Something outside the Milky Way itself.

Meanwhile in deep space, Davros, as the Doctor had predicted, had survived the explosion of Baynes’ ship, though he was barely alive.  After floating in the void in the craft’s escape pod for several years the pod was eventually salvaged by a space freighter from the planet Necros.  The ruthless industrialist Kara, who was determined to take advantage of the famine that was plaguing the outer worlds of the Earth Empire and line her pockets, owned the freighter.
Necros was known throughout the galaxy as the planet of eternal peace, and contained two major industries, a vast industrial complex to manufacture food products, and Tranquil Repose, a mortuary where, under the management of Jobel, dying millionaires and politicians are preserved in cryogenic suspension until a cure for what killed them could be found.  Upon arriving on Necros Kara’s technicians quickly discovered that the pod contained the near dead body of Davros.  Armed with this fact and knowing Davros was a wanted fugitive a scheme quickly formed in Kara’s mind on how to turn this discovery to her advantage.
Revived, Davros quickly assessed the situation.  He knew that the authorities of the Earth Empire would be looking for him (he must have known that the Doctor would not suspect he was dead), as well as the Daleks, as he was sure that news of his working for TAI had reached Skaro.  He also realized that his Stock Market Equation would be useless now, (he was sure the Doctor had also seen to that), and that his plan for economic control of the galaxy was now impossible.  He also realized that if he were going to keep out of the hands of the authorities he would need allies, and who better than the women whose ambition was almost as great as his own.
Davros approached Kara with a plan that, as he promised, would make them both rich.  Knowing that the outer worlds were desperate for food, any food, he would now put into operation a plan that he had formulated while working for TAI.  The fact that fate had landed him on Necros were “raw material” was so abundant was seen by Davros as divine intervention. Setting himself up within the confines of Tranquil Repose, Davros would assume the mantle of “The Great Healer,” and soon he began producing the process in which Kara’s company began manufacturing food.  The plan worked, and famine swiftly became a thing of the past.  As the outer worlds were thankful, and the “Great Healer’s” name was praised, Kara’s coffers fill to overflowing.  Yet still Davros did not feel safe.  The Daleks were certainly looking for him, but his greatests fear was that the Doctor could turn up at any time.

Back on Skaro news of Davros’ dealings with TAI had indeed reached the inner conical, and the search for Davros continued, as did the Emperor’s plan to relocate the power base of the Daleks. Streams of data were looked into as Dalek scientists formulated plan after plan on how to accomplish the Emperor’s task.  Each plan had one drawback or another, and it soon seemed that achieving their goals would be impossible. Once again, the knowledge of the TimeLords (provided to them by The Master) would be their salvation.

As the years past on Necros, Davros realized that it was not his destiny to sit, like a spider, within the bowels of Tranquil Repose.  He was determined to regain the control that was rightfully his, take command of the creatures he had helped to create, and get his revenge on the Doctor.  Knowing however that he could not simply “win” the Daleks over with arguments, he began to build his own Dalek army, slowly re-manufacturing new Dalek travel machines. To pilot these new travel machines, he began experimenting on the bodies in cryogenic freeze, re-engineering their DNA and mutating the inhabitants into Dal mutants. A new breed of Daleks slowly began to emerge, completely loyal to Davros.  For Davros, the Daleks would never betray him again, but first he would deal with the meddling Doctor…



…The President of the Galactic Federation is heading for Necros to attend the laying in state of his late wife, and all of Tranquil Repose is on high alert.  As the technicians and morticians prepare for his arrive the TARDIS materializes a few miles from the mortuary.  The Doctor is there to pay his respects to his late friend, Professor Arthur Stengos, however the news of his death sets off in the Doctor’s mind the possibility of a trap.  As the Doctor and Peri head towards Tranquil Repose, a mutant, who informs the Doctor that he is the product of the “Great Healer’s” experimentations, attacks the pair.  The Doctor’s fears of a trap seem confirmed.

Meanwhile two rebels break into Tranquil Repose with the intention of body snatching.  One of the rebels is Natasha, Stengos’ daughter, who is suspicious of her father’s death.  Upon reaching his cryo tube the two discover that it is empty, and Natasha is determined to find her father’s body.  Davros, who has been monitoring the pairs exploits, orders Takis and Lilt, two embalmers, to capture the two.  A chase ensues and Natasha and her companion escape through the catacombs, which litter the lower sections of the mortuary. Deep underground, the two stumble into an incubation chamber, and Natasha discovers her father’s body, or at least what is left of it.  Davros has taken the head of Stengos and mutated it into a Dal mutant.  Encased within a glass housing, the mutation grows before Natasha’s horrified eyes.  Pleading with his daughter to kill him, Natasha levels her blaster and destroys the casing, only to be soon captured by Takis, Lilt and the security forces soon afterwards.

At her production plant Kara has grown tired of Davros’ demands, and intends to put an end to their partnership.  She hires Orcini, a former Knight of the Order of Oberon, to assassinate Davros.   Giving him a radio transmitter she informs Orcini to radio her when Davros is dead in order for her to move against his supporters.  Orcini is suspicious but agrees to the plan and he and his squire Bostock head out to Tranquil Repose.
Having been forced to climb over the complex’s wall, the Doctor and Peri find themselves in the Garden of Fond Memory, only to discover that a statue has been erected depicting the Doctor in his current incarnation.  As the Doctor examines the statue it tumbles and falls, apparently crushing him.  Panicking, Peri rushes to help the Doctor only to be consoled by Jobel, who finds the Doctor’s grieving companion very attractive.  The Doctor however, is not dead, the statue having been a simple plaster “joke,” to which the Doctor intends to get to the bottom of.  Deep within his chambers, Davros, whose body appears to have degenerated, watches from within a life support case, enjoying the spectacle.


In the main reception room the Doctor is confronting Tasambeker regarding the statue of him.  Tasambeker is one of Jobel’s students.  She is also in love with the aging mortician (although he has no desires on her). Believing that the Doctor was interested in planning his own interment, she shows them the various packages one may purchase, including a package that includes daily updates by a very earth-like D.J.  Peri finds the D.J funny, and requests to meet him, while the Doctor insists on seeing the “Great Healer.”  As Peri is lead by Jobel to the D.J.’s sound room, the Doctor is taken into the corridor, only to be confronted by Davros’ new Daleks.

Out on the surface, Orcini attacks and destroys one of Davros’ Daleks, alerting the “Great Healer” to his presence.  Knowing that he can no longer trust Kara, Davros orders a pair of Daleks to Kara’s production plant.  Entering her office and killing Kara’s secretary, the two Daleks force the industrial giant to accompany them.  Meanwhile Jobel is overseen plotting with Takis and Lilt to overthrow Davros, and Davros orders Tasambeker, who is jealous of Jobel’s many affairs, to kill him.  Instead she tries to warn him, but when the mortician revokes her warning as an unwanted advance, she kills him, fleeing from the scene only to be exterminated by the Daleks.

Back in the catacombs, Orcini frees the Doctor, Natasha and her companion, ordering the trio to leave at once.  The Doctor sends Natasha to destroy the incubation chamber while he follows Orcini.  The two succeed in setting the incubation tanks to overload, but are killed by a Dalek just as the room explodes.  Davros in the meantime orders his Daleks to seize control of the mortuary.  Seeing the Daleks sweep through the corridors, Peri and the D.J. warn the president’s ship, which is schedule to arrive on Necros within the hour.  As the message is received the two are soon attacked by Davros’ Daleks, and the D.J. is killed.  Peri is taken prisoner. Hearing this battle over the complex’s public address system, the Doctor rushes to help his companion, only to be captured by the Daleks himself.

In his chamber, Orcini and Bostock attack Davros, appearing to kill the Kaled scientist.  Orcini however suspects something is wrong, as he fears the kill was too easy.  The two are soon confronted by the real Davros, who quickly subdues both men.  Kara is now brought before Davros, who confronts her with Orcini.  Kara of course fanes ignorance, but when Orcini begins to punch in the code to activate the “radio transmitter,” Kara informs him that it is in fact a bomb.  Chastising Orcini for his failure, the Knight slips a knife from within his sleeve and kills the plotting industrialist.

Editor’s Note:  It is never satisfactory explained in the episode why Davros is seen just as a head within a large glass jar.  The on screen explanation is that having suspected Kara of plotting against him he created, or cloned (?) this head in the hopes of drawing off the assassins.  However would Kara not already know that Davros’ body was perfectly all right?  Of course the real reason for this ploy was to allow the television audience to believe that Davros had in fact suffered serious damage at the hands of the Movellian virus. 

Back in the main reception room Takis and Lilt welcome the arrival of very special visitors.  The Daleks, having been contacted by Takis, have arrived from Skaro to take Davros prisoner.  Back in his control room, Davros confronts the Doctor, informing him of what he has been doing with the “people” of Tranquil Repose.  Having turned the best and brightest into Daleks, the rest have been transformed into the protein, which has fed the galaxy.  As Davros is about to activate his new Dalek army Bostock fires his blaster at him, blowing off his hand.  A Dalek quickly exterminates him, but before Davros can react, the real Daleks sweep into the control chamber and arrest their creator.  Davros however offers the Doctor in exchange for his freedom, but the Daleks do not recognize the TimeLord in his current incarnation, and take Davros to their ship.  Destroying their Dalek guard using a grenade, Orcini used the bomb Kara had given him to destroy Davros’ Daleks.  Unfortunately the blast misses the Daleks ship, which leaves the planet with Davros for Skaro.  The Doctor, realizing that the galaxy is dependant on the protein Davros created, shows Takis and Lilt how to produce the substance from a plant that grows wild on the surface.

Text and Concept © 2005 Visagraph Films International/John Rocco Roberto.
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Special thanks to Robert Moore for providing some of the video captures from “Revelation of the Daleks.”  “Revelation of the Daleks” summary adapted from “The Programme Guide” by Jean-Marc Lofficier, Target Books, 1989.   Davros in the pod photo thanks to Andrew  Panero.