A Question About The Sex of Godzilla

Dear Kaiju King,

1) What are Godzilla’s motivations for attacking Japan?

It is suggested in the first film that Godzilla “lives” off the waters of Odo Island, which is not far from the Japanese mainland.  In the American version of “King Kong vs. Godzilla,” it is stated that fossils resembling Godzilla had been found in Japan, suggesting that for Godzilla, the Japanese islands are home.

2) Could he have been the alpha male in a family of Godzillas?

It is possible, if the first Godzilla was the male of the species (see below).

3) Could the Godzilla that appeared in “Godzilla Raids Again” have been female?

Haruo Nakajima, who acted inside the Godzilla suit from 1954 until 1972 has always maintained that the first Godzilla was male and the second (Gigantis) female.  This is why, he explains, Godzilla can have a son (Minya) and why the creature is drawn to is in “Son of Godzilla.”  However, in several films including “Son of Godzilla,” the King of the Monsters is referec to as “he,” or “him.”  This may suggest that the first Godzilla was the female and the second male.

4) He looked larger than the Godzillas that appeared in the subsequent films of the Showa series. Could this be because he is the alpha male or because it makes him look more evil?

Actually the size of the Godzilla costume was exactly the same height for all the original films.  Both the original Godzilla and the Gigantis Godzilla were supposed to be 50 meters tall.  The Gigantis suit however, was much thinner than the ’54 suit, as it was necessary for Nakajima to have more flexibility in order to fight Angilas.